Social Media and the Affluent

DCA Team on Sep 15, 2011

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Miami, FL - September 15, 2011 - Otmara “Omi” Diaz-Cooper was a co-panelist at the Luxury Marketing Council Florida (LMCF) for a seminar on Social Media and the Affluent. Accompanied by Mona Akalani of Carlson Marketing Worldwide and Brett Keating of Ferretti Group North America, the talkback was hosted by LMCF Chairman, Chris Ramey at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami, Florida. The seminar discussed the presence of the affluent consumer on social media.

Conducted in an interactive format, the seminar allowed audience members to pose questions to the panel either by standing or via Twitter (@LMCFlorida). Showing yet another way social media can be used. Each panelist offered their own distinct perspective on the affluent consumer and how their research and experience has shaped their approach for reaching this elusive audience online.

It’s often assumed that affluent individuals do not spend any time on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. What came to light during the panel was that this assumption is not one to make. While social media is rampant with teens, tweens and twenty-somethings, the affluent do keep their eye on the changing trends on these sites in significant numbers.


    To learn more about social media and the affluent, click on the video above.

By understanding the importance and concentration of their presence online, we can better craft ways in which to reach that affluent presence. As was outlined in the panel, it’s important not to underestimate the affluent individual’s desire to understand the ever-changing market. Keeping up with evolving trends in technology and communication is a part of the new luxury lifestyle.

Even with that in mind, it was interesting to hear how some companies still chose to stay away from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but instead utilize YouTube to reach their consumers. Each site offers a unique means by which to communicate with prospective clients, including the affluent.

One key point made by our very own Omi during the panel was regarding how we can use social media to our advantage as marketers and find better ways to reach our consumers.

“For the history – up to today – of marketing and advertising, we as marketers have been interrupting what people want to see and do, whether it’s on television, on radio or online, in order to give them our message. We need to stop interrupting them and be the message that they’re interested in. And, that’s where social media is valuable,” said Omi.

The panel event was a highly educational and engaging way to learn about an ever-expanding marketplace. 

DCA Team

DCA Team

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