Investing in your growth

Your marketing investment is built around your business goals.

The costs of inbound marketing depends on the type of strategies you want to implement, how fast you expect to see results, and the size of your company growth plans. The price ranges here are based on the assumption that you want the highest-quality work to see real results.

Growth Strategy Workshop Pricing

Our approach starts with the Growth Strategy - this is a 1x project that is the key to making the most of your digital marketing budget. The Workshop ranges from $15,000 to $20,000 and includes development of your core buyer persona; analysis of your Customer Value Journey, identifying gaps and opportunities; defined SMART goals; comprehensive Annual Marketing Plan; 90-Day Roadmap and monthly Sprint Plans. We also include our white-glove onboarding to ensure we have everything we need to start implementing as soon as the plan is approved.

Inbound Marketing Pricing

Our Growth Partnership retainer programs are based on the effort required to implement your marketing and sales strategies as necessary to create a positive impact every month. All initiatives and campaigns are customized to fit clients’ needs, strategically built to help them reach specific goals, and with their existing resources in mind. According to a report from CMO Survey, marketing budgets sit at an average of 11.1% of company-wide budgets. Our clients typically invest $6,500 to $15,000 per month in their inbound marketing programs.

HubSpot Onboarding and Technical Services Pricing

HubSpot is a powerful tool - let’s make sure you are capitalizing on all its robust features. From white-glove Onboarding to Portal Audits, technical services, and custom integrations, we’ll help you make the most of your HubSpot investment. Your platform will be optimized to generate more qualified leads, guide prospects through the buyer journey, and reduce any friction in your sales process. HubSpot services are estimated on a custom basis, with most projects ranging from $7,500 to $30,000.

Website Design and Development Pricing

Your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing, isn’t it time to transform it into a top-producing salesperson? The investment in an effective website is an important part of your marketing budget. Websites are estimated on a custom basis and price is completely dependent on scope. Typically a 25-35 page site with essential functionality ranges from $45,000 to over $60,000.

Conversion Rate Optimization Pricing

Once your new website is launched, the continuous growth cycles begin. Unlike SEO, which focuses on improving the visibility of your website, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) focuses on increasing conversions from web traffic and growing your online revenue. Our Growth Optimization CRO programs typically range from $6,675 to over $9,000 per month, depending on your goals, how aggressive they are and what is the timeline that we need to achieve them.

Video Marketing Pricing

Video marketing is a strategic approach for creating and sharing video content with the goals of attracting, retaining, and converting a defined audience of viewers. We typically work with Client-supplied presentations and video clips but can custom-quote a professional video shoot and production. Our programs include a custom mix of videos based on the 90-Day Strategy and are priced starting from $6,000 a month.

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Platforms and additional tactics

A comprehensive marketing budget may include martech platforms and media such as Google Ads or programmatic. Costs such as platform licensing and PPC are payable directly to the 3rd party providers and all accounts are owned by you. If you choose to invest in Google Ads, programmatic or paid social, we can manage those campaigns for you as long as your ad spend is $5,000 or higher per month.

Other projects such as video production, custom development, and HubSpot migrations or integrations will be quoted on an individual basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing work?

The relationship always begins with a one-time strategy workshop and Onboarding. After that, we typically engage with 12-month contracts. Payment is due monthly with Net 30 terms. If the relationship isn’t working, you’re free to move on. We simply ask for 30 days’ notice and candid feedback.

What are points and how do they benefit me?

Let’s be clear, we don't sell points, we sell the value of the results we achieve. Points are a unit of effort billed at our standard agency rate. They are used for planning and collaborating on efforts per 90-Day plan. The higher the points value, the more effort the task requires. Points give more accurate estimates and timelines, reduce planning time, and help teams improve performance. Most importantly, points allow the stakeholder to focus on the value of the outcomes they want to achieve and the team to focus on how the project gets done. Points work best when Clients expect a business result from the efforts of the agency team.

What if I need work outside our agreed-upon plan?

We believe in 90-Day planning, and also understand that unforeseen circumstances may sometimes require a project outside the scope of our contract. When this happens, we will first ask: how does this new project fit in with your stated objectives? You then have the choice of replacing some of our existing initiatives or requesting a change order to be billed separately. We always work to create realistic solutions to address your priorities, just keep in mind that new, unplanned projects can sometimes delay the achievement of previously agreed-on goals.

Why should I hire an inbound agency?

Agencies provide a team with specialized skill sets. It takes a lot of employees to create inbound marketing campaigns. You’ll need staff who have experience in marketing strategy, content creation, SEO, social media, CMS, web design, development, HubSpot technical skills, CRO, video marketing and analytics. Most importantly, they’ll need to be trained to use the HubSpot platform to its fullest potential. With an agency, each team member has their own specialities and you get immediate access to all their different skills, experience and expertise.

Can an agency actually save me money?

An inbound agency looks at your business from a different perspective and can quickly determine what is and isn't working. You’ll gain objective feedback and take fewer risks.  With an in-house team, it costs time and money waiting for them to reach the required level of expertise. One qualified marketing professional salary is anywhere between $65K to over $120K. For that amount you can have a team of 7-10 with specialized expertise. With an agency, Clients pay one monthly sum for delivering results rather than salaries and benefits for a whole department of marketing employees.

What will drive program cost increases or decreases?

A top-quality agency is made up of collaborative team members who want to get the most out of campaigns as much as you do. When you invest in marketing, you are investing in reaching your business goals. More aggressive growth goals mean you’ll need to invest in more content or paid ads for example. Two big factors that influence pricing are timing and current situation: Where do you want to be in 1 year - How about 3 years? Where are you starting from? Are we starting from scratch with minimal website traffic and no lead-capture opportunities, or are you already a lean marketing machine? Do you have internal staff that can execute some of the tactics or are we doing all the heavy lifting?

What are your typical turnaround and rush policies?

At Diaz & Cooper our goal is to deliver quality work at a competitive price, delivered as quickly as possible.

The amount of time it takes us to deliver a finished creative asset is referred to as turnaround time or lead time. Turnaround time starts once we have all information and required specifications. For most deliverables (e.g. blog post, email campaign) 7-8 working days from the time we have all materials in hand is the typical turnaround. (It may be shorter, but we like to add a day or two of buffer.) For smaller deliverables such as a social media post the turnaround is 2-3 business days. Larger deliverables such as a custom infographic can take over 10 business days.

Sometimes a project arises that needs to be addressed within the span of a few days, and standard turnaround isn’t going to make the deadlines. We offer Rapid Turnaround at an adjusted rate of 1.5x the standard points rate.

Why should I invest in HubSpot?

HubSpot is a leading tool built to help your company grow better. It’s a robust platform that connects your entire marketing, sales, service, and operations teams to fuel cooperation, goal alignment and revenue growth. The HubSpot software is built to help you create meaningful relationships with your prospects and customers, supporting every stage of the buyer’s journey. With everything located in the same interface, your HubSpot CRM is a tool for growth. While there are a number of platforms out there, we believe HubSpot is the best. As certified HubSpot Solutions partners, we will help you capitalize on your investment. With a trained solutions partner agency, you can be confident everything you're paying for is being utilized to its fullest potential.

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