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A people person fueled up on a little Miami jet fuel (Cuban ‘cafecito’), Omi directs her positive energy toward leading a team full-speed forward to achieve results. Global B2B aviation, biotech and transportation enterprises like Silver Airways, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, AMC Health, Sony Latin America, Baxter Health, Amerijet International, and Unical Aviation turn to Omi when disparate systems and dirty data become roadblocks to results. With a degree in anthropology and advertising and a unique perspective on cultural issues based on her life story, Omi brings a thought-provoking message of uniting people and technologies to every appearance.

Proven Leadership: Invaluable Message for Our Times

Having participated in archeological digs, she's infinitely curious about why humans do what they do and how they've innovated through history to achieve their goals way back when technology didn't just help a company connect with customers or track ROI. Innovating was about the very survival of the human race. She brings this dynamic perspective and profound sense of wonder about what makes us human to the podium as she motivates a "results-only" mindset and how to achieve it.

Each year, she delivers an in-depth and transformative sales skill course as a HubSpot Bootcamp Instructor for HubSpot Academy. On a daily basis, Omi helps enterprises rethink how they get results through proven people-focused, technology-human powered growth strategies.

Omi has served as the Marketing Chair for The Commonwealth Institute (TCI) and Marketing Vice Chair for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and has had the opportunity to speak on panels for Goldman Sacs 10,000 Small Businesses, at INBOUND17, Leads Con NYC, OMMA Digital and Digital Masterclass. She holds 17 licenses and certifications through HubSpot, DigitalMarketer, and more.

Omi brings over 21 years of growth-driving experience, paradigm-shifting stories, and a dynamic personality to audiences. She shares her path and how embracing change and innovation has kept the B2B companies she advised ahead of the technology curve and catapulting toward what’s next. In 2000, Omi co-founded Diaz & Cooper, a B2B advertising agency focused on getting radical results, alongside her husband, Todd Cooper. After 21 years driving growth in B2B transportation and aviation industries, Diaz & Cooper has been named a Top 205 South Florida Advertising Agency seven times and is a leading, platinum-certified HubSpot Solutions Partner and Results-Only Workplace. Driven to share her message, Omi can't wait to bring her dynamism and results focus to a new audience as she has many times before.


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No More Disconnected Systems!

Omi warns of the dangers of falling into the "too many technologies" trap, unable to trust data or show ROI. She illuminates the path toward unified systems, reliable data, and people and technologies working together to get consistent results.

Lost No More: 5 Ways Inbound Can Get Your Business Found Online

No more wasting time on inbound strategies that don’t work! Omi discusses the 5 proven inbound strategies every B2B company should use now to get found faster and drive growth.

Your Secret Weapon to Effective Sales Outreach: Video

Omi shares why B2B organizations can’t ignore video any longer. She gets down to business and shares how successful enterprises use video to reliably, efficiently, and cost-effectively drive measurable business impact.

Three Steps to Creating A More Effective Email Campaign

Email is hard! But it doesn’t have to be when you recognize the privilege you’ve been given. A prospect has awarded you exclusive access to one of their most vital communication and workflow management tools. It’s your move. Omi shares how to send the right message to the right person at the right time to achieve that outrageous email ROI everyone’s talking about.

Things Not to Do in Social Media: No Matter Business You Are In

Are you breaking these 3 cardinal rules? They don’t just spell certain death to an organization but a slow and agonizing one, as you might be fooled into thinking they’re working. Omi discusses how to avoid them like the plague and what to do instead.

What is Performance Marketing and What Can It Do for Me?

Should a marketing team be held accountable for the end result—Sales, Revenues, Growth? Omi believes so. She shares why marketers must rethink marketing results. She walks you through what it means to unify marketing, sales, and service technologies, processes, and people to achieve them.

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With a little Miami jet fuel (Cuban ‘cafecito’) in her system, Omi brings her experience and unique perspective to your people. To fuel your audience with actionable insights and proven strategies, book Omi now!