ROI Calculator

Current Website Metrics

  • What is your current conversion rate?
  • What is your average monthly traffic?
  • What is your average order value?
  • Current customers converted per month
  • Current monthly online revenue

Revenue Growth with Optimization

  • What is your estimated conversion rate improvement?
  • Conversion rate total after optimization
  • Customers converted per month after optimization
  • Monthly revenue increase after optimization
    $150,000 (33%)
  • Monthly online revenue after optimization

Find the ROI from Conversion Rate Optimization

Unlock the Potential of Your Website

  • Investment
  • Time Period
    ROI Ratio 14 : 1 29 : 1 89 : 1
    Net Revenue Increase $840,000 $1,740,000 $5,340,000

Formulas Used in Calculations

  • Total Customers Converted = Average
  • Traffic x Conversion Rate
  • Total Online Revenue = Total Customers Converted x Average Order Value
  • Total Revenue Increase = Projected Total Online Revenue – Baseline Total Online Revenue
  • Projected Conversion Rate = Current Conversion Rate + Conversion Rate Improvement
  • Estimated Additional Revenue = Total Revenue Increase x (Months In Program – 2)
  • Adjusted Net Revenue Increase = Estimated Additional Revenue – CRO Investment Cost
  • ROI = Adjusted Net Revenue Increase ÷ CRO Investment Cost

Ready to Get on the Path to Increasing

While no one can guarantee an absolute return on investment (ROI) amount, this calculator can help you find the typical results achieved from Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services and a data-validated website design approach such as Diaz & Cooper’s Growth-Driven Design. We can unlock your ROI by finding areas of friction on your website and improving your conversion rate - this leads to more leads and sales on your website.