Great Companies Aren’t
Always A Great Fit

Are We Ideal Partners?

You want the right agency. We want the right clients. Do we want your business? Maybe. We’re kind of picky about who we choose as partners because we believe without “chemistry” success is near impossible.

Sometimes, things just aren’t meant to be between companies. It’s not right or wrong. It’s just a matter of the “fit”.

We’ve put together this handy checklist that might help you decide if Diaz & Cooper is right for you… and vice versa. We promise that if our companies fit, you’ll get our best. If we are not a fit, it’s better for both of us if we find out now.

Are you a large or mid-market technology/SaS; travel excursion or B2B business?
We work with recognized and ambitious businesses who live up to their brand promises and understand that reaching the next level requires a long-term marketing partner. We want to make sure we are taking on clients who see us as strategic partners, not as service providers. We look for lasting, mutually rewarding relationships.
Do you have defined business goals and believe marketing is key to achieving them?
We don’t want to waste your time convincing you that what we do works. We’d rather spend our expertise and resources on promoting your business the inbound way. The reputation of HubSpot as the leading CRM and marketing tool, our reputation as an agency, and our case studies demonstrate how our efforts work and create successful partnerships.
Do you have realistic expectations about the time and effort it takes to move the needle? Do you have a defined marketing budget to achieve your goals?
With inbound marketing, you scale based on your investment. The value received from HubSpot and hiring the right agency partner will greatly exceed the cost if we trust each other and the process. Typically, our Clients see at least a 3-to-1 return on their marketing within the first year. Over the last 20 years, Diaz & Cooper has evolved into a new breed of marketing agency - one that is accountable from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle. We help our Clients create a predictable and profitable system to grow.
Do you have at least 1 dedicated marketing pro on staff and solid operations to handle growth?
We do our best work with companies that have solid operations in place, but who are stretched thin in terms of marketing resources. We like to function as a part of the company, taking on the demands and pressure from the board and executive team to increase sales performance, grow revenue and demonstrate ROI.
Do you keep the promises made in your branding?
We work with ethical businesses who want to practice helpful, value-driven inbound marketing. We don't make false promises and we don't work with businesses that do.
Do you have the guts to be fully candid with us?
We need the truth... the good, bad and ugly! It’s like going to the doctor. If you keep us in the dark, we can’t make you healthy.
What kind of partner do you want?
Do you want a vendor to come in and slap a marketing Band-Aid on your challenges? Or, would you prefer a long-term agency partner with a demonstrated history of success, led by experts averaging 20 years of experience?

If you checked "yes" to all of the above, we just
might be the right fit. Let’s find out.

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