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An agency unlike any other. I genuinely enjoyed every instant that I worked with Diaz & Cooper. They're methodical, experienced, and extremely knowledgable on the HubSpot platform. They handled our transition from Marketo to HubSpot with such ease that I felt confident and reassured the entire way. Now we have an amazing marketing automation platform expertly set up. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better agency to work with.
Alfred Murgado-Magaya
Alfred Murgado
Director of Marketing Operations, Magaya Corporation
Great partner to work with! I've been working with Diaz & Cooper (DCA) for a little over a year, and my organization, Safari Ltd has worked with them for about 2 years. They're always very supportive! They make sure to either propose creative solutions to drive more revenue or offer additional support during busy seasons. I couldn't have accomplished all I did last year without their help!
Lynn Gonzales - Safari LTD
Lynn Gonzalez
Marketing and Automation Manager, Safari Ltd
Diaz & Cooper is a fierce partner who exemplifies excellence in developing and implementing cutting edge, go-to-market, strategies that help businesses sustain growth and maximize ROI. One of the core strengths of the Diaz-Cooper team is tracking and analyzing performance at every stage of implementation. We deployed several A/B test platforms and were able to establish and monitor KPIs to showcase Davis Vision's digital success.
Kris Knopf-Davis Vision
Kris Knopf
VP of Marketing, Davis Vision (subsidiary of Highmark Health)
Shortly after joining us as our agency of record, DCA redefined our KPIs to maximize our Marketing budget. They were able to streamline our creative and increase our revenue across all of our tactics while reducing our CPA. We maximized ROI performance and surpassed the previous 3 years' goals. They increased monthly ROI by 443 points in 8 months. Highly recommend for any business looking to increase its marketing efforts and performance!
Alfred Smith - Silver Airways
Alfred Smith
Director of Marketing and eCommerce, Silver Airways
We chose Diaz & Cooper as a partner agency due to their experience with HubSpot and their familiarity with the tourism industry. They have been a great fit as they provide a wealth of HubSpot knowledge and understand how to help us achieve our goals with each campaign. They will treat you like a true partner!
Phoebe Pelot-Clearwater Marine
Phoebe Pelot Marinelli
Digital Campaign Manager, Clearwater Marine Aquarium
DCA is an amazing resource for any company. What has impressed me the most about working with DCA is the treatment of their customers and the final deliverables they provide. They are incredibly creative and talented. DCA has been an extension of my staff - I can always count on them. They treat Fine Art Lamps' business as their own and always go the extra mile.
Jennifer Torlone_Fine Art Lamps
Jennifer Torlone
VP Sales And Marketing, Fine Art Lamps