What's holding you back?

Audit your growth gaps and opportunities in 21 questions.

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About the Growth Gap Analyzer

The 21-question assessment walks you through crucial aspects of your sales and marketing, including growth foundations, automation and reporting as well as your utilization of HubSpot's CRM, Sales, and Marketing Hubs.

Using a sliding scale, you’ll have an opportunity to get real about how confident you are in your sales and marketing strategy and implementation.

Next Steps After the Growth Gap Analyzer

With your scorecard in hand, you’ll have clarity around what areas need improvement. And, on free the Analyzer call, your receive actionable insights around the areas holding you back. Learn more about:
Building a data-driven strategy
Clear attribution reporting
Speech Bubble
Leveraging HubSpot and your CRM, and more.

The Results and
Insights You’ll Get

Whether you aren’t generating enough traffic or leads, are time and resource-strapped, or simply aren’t sure where to start, you’ll find actionable data by completing the Growth Gap Analyzer.

The Analyzer scorecard will show your greatest improvement areas alongside what you’re doing well.

For some businesses, results will show ways to use HubSpot more effectively. Others find that cleanup and restructuring are necessary first before driving meaningful change. Regardless of your improvement areas, you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of next steps.