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How can you help support small businesses?

Todd Cooper – VP, Client-in-Residence on Jul 3, 2020

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We, like 2.3 million others, are a small business in Florida.

Over the last 19 years, Diaz & Cooper has become known as a growth agency and Miami’s only HubSpot gold-certified solutions partner specializing in travel/tourism and eCommerce. While we’re incredibly proud of our reputation as one of Miami’s most respected digital marketing firms, none of that would be possible without our loyal and dedicated team.

Our team’s skills, professionalism, work ethic, expertise, communication, and responsiveness are recognized in reviews on Clutch, the HubSpot Directory and other trusted sources. As a small business based here in Coral Gables, and we understand that the driving force behind small businesses are their employees – it is their team that help them garner visibility and recognition in reviews.

Small businesses are the backbone of the Coral Gables and Florida economy. Florida small businesses employ over 3 million people – that's over 43% of the state’s workforce! The 2.3 million small businesses in the Sunshine State represent 98.9% of all Florida-based businesses. Small businesses also represent 95.3% of Florida’s exporters. And, talk about diversity, Floridian small businesses are leaders in the nation for minority business ownership, with a 36.2% increase in minority ownership in the last year.

Unfortunately, small businesses in Florida and around the world are hurting as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, lockdown, and ensuing economic impact. Our team at Diaz & Cooper has been helping small businesses with technology solutions to bring their business online, sell with more empathy and help them to emerge from this challenging time stronger than ever.

Reviews Support small businesses in Coral Gables, Florida and around the world.

But, how can we as consumers help the small business? One thing that you can do during this lockdown is to review your favorite small businesses. Love that bar on the corner? Shoot them a review on Yelp! Have a favorite park? Review it on TripAdvisor! Here is an example on Google Reviews of one of Clients, a boutique hotel in the Florida Keys, that has continued to gain momentum, visibility and leads even during the pandemic, due in large part to the positive reviews they have received from their guests.

And, if you want to show support to your favorite B2B service provider and developer, review them on Clutch!



Clutch is the leading global ratings and reviews platform for B2B service providers across a range of services from every corner of the world. We appreciate all the feedback we get from our customers because it helps us improve as a business and gain insight into what we can do better. At Diaz & Cooper, we pride ourselves on continuously improving so we look forward to every review we receive from our customers.

We’re incredibly grateful for our fellow Florida small businesses, our team and our numerous happy clients. We’ve been leaders in the digital marketing space for almost 20 years, and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Will you support your favorite local businesses with a review?

Todd Cooper – VP, Client-in-Residence

Todd Cooper – VP, Client-in-Residence

Todd’s knack for refining ideas and his keen eye for design have fueled award-winning campaigns for companies like Purina, Florida Keys and Key West and Regent Seven Seas. In his current role as “Client-in-Residence”, he asks our Team the tough questions from a business owner's perspective and keeps the Agency operations running smoothly. Off the clock, you might find Todd strolling through medieval towns and open-air markets in Europe, getting the scoop from a local on the city’s hottest underground restaurants or enjoying a picnic of local bread, cheese, sausage and, of course, wine.

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