We've been named Top 40 Outstanding eCommerce Agencies

DCA Team on Sep 9, 2020

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Diaz & Cooper Advertising is excited to announce that Retail Today has placed us in the exclusive category of 40 Outstanding eCommerce Agencies for 2020!

We are honored to be named among other great companies. Being recognized as a leader in our industry is an exciting and hard-won accolade.

Retail Today shared these words with us about this recognition:

“This is a recognition of the leading-edge commerce solutions you offer, exciting eCommerce projects you are executing and the impact you are making for the success of your clients in the digital world! Congratulations to you and your team on this signature achievement. You are part of an elite group, and this kind of accomplishment is truly worth celebrating!”

eCommerce changes all the time, and we know how to help our clients adapt.

Diaz & Cooper is a digital growth agency that helps businesses optimize and grow their eCommerce sales. Our clients include The Christmas Palace, Safari LTD, Kay’s Fine Jewelry, Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Swiss Watches LTD and Philip Stein. These businesses choose us because they know that we deliver what we promise and we stay up to date with the latest and most important changes in digital marketing and eCommerce.

RetailToday_eCommerce_ award-logo-diaz-cooperWe provide personalized customer service, creative solutions and an approach based on each client’s individual business objectives.

We are proud to have received several other accolades lately, including:


Diaz & Cooper and Shopify are a perfect partnership.

As an official Shopify partner, we have lots of experience at turning your website into your best marketing and sales tool. That includes integrating the shops with marketing automation technologies like HubSpot, Active Campaign and Klaviyo. We also customize shops with apps and plugins, design and run effective email campaigns, and provide highly targeted, ROI-driven Google Ads campaigns.

One of the benefits is that we are able to help our clients see increased conversion rates by providing a better online experience for their customers and removing friction in the navigation of their websites. The checkout process on all of our sites is intuitive and easy.

All of this means that in some cases, we have tripled the conversion rates on our customers’ websites and increased revenue without any additional spend on paid advertising.

Our approach was profiled in a recent issue of Retail Today. In the article about our services, we explain that we provide:

  • Shopify development and customization
  • Search engine and conversion rate optimization
  • Amazon, Search and Google Shopping campaigns
  • Email marketing and automation

Working with a Shopify partner will help you see results.

As global eCommerce continues to grow, companies have to keep up. Shopify is one of the ways to ensure that you see positive results. Shopify is a straightforward, easy-to-use platform that supports all of your eCommerce goals, including:

  • Generating new revenue sources
  • Cultivating and expanding your audience
  • Gaining new customers
  • Developing the potential for 24/7 income
  • Scaling your business quickly

You’ll be able to overcome geographic barriers, sell to an international audience, lower your cost of operation, showcase bestselling products on your site, personalize your shoppers’ experience, encourage impulse buys, re-market to customers and process a higher number of orders.

With over 500,000 users and over $46 Billion in merchant sales, Shopify is one of the biggest players in eCommerce.

One of the reasons why Shopify is so popular is that it is truly easy to use. When we implement Shopify to build a client’s eCommerce presence, we are happy to provide a product that the customer can use on their own instead of being locked into a vendor’s proprietary platform.

We are excited about the future!

At Diaz & Cooper, we continue to be recognized for our excellent work, and we are proud to serve a growing roster of outstanding companies. Our customers are happy because we partner with them to help them grow. That growth means more traffic, more business and significant revenue increases.

We measure our success by looking at our clients’ success and growth. As more and more consumers shop online, there is no better time to optimize the performance of your online shop. When our clients see growth, we know that we have done our job.

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DCA Team

DCA Team

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