Case Study: Triple-crown winning site brings in 3x the booking revenue

DCA Team on Oct 23, 2018

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Increase direct booking conversions on website

the challenge:

The resort’s previous website suffered from outdated, static content, poor design and usability flaws – such as forms and CTAs below the fold, and pages accessible only after 5 or more clicks. Yikes!

The bloated site with hundreds of low-performing pages was hurting ranking and conversion rate.  

At the time Conversion rate was less than 0.5% of all site visitors and less than 5% of those in the booking engine actually converted. Client expected a 10% lift in conversion from the redesign. 


Image courtesy of Hawks Cay Resort

insight & strategy:

During the planning phase, we conducted a thorough usability and conversion study on the website including heat-map and click pattern analysis, seasonal bounce rates, page flows and other web use trends. Using data tools such as Crazy Egg, Picwik and Google Analytics,  found design flaws and conversion friction such as:

  • No content or CTAs in the most accessible/viewable parts of the page
  • Counterintuitive placement of offers
  • Booking widget below the fold
  • Lack of relevant and engaging content
  • Outdated and missing SEO elements


Click data analysis on old site.

Insights drawn from the data were applied to the design and structure of the new website. Post launch, the agency continued to perform A/B testing to ensure the site is optimized for the best user experience and highest potential marketing return.





the result:

  • Over a 6-month period, we increased the number of Average Monthly Unique Visitors by 29.7%
  • Over 12-months we generated an increase in number of Average Monthly Bookings by 33.1%
    (that's 3x the expected conversion lift from the redesign)
  • In the first year, average Monthly Direct Online Booking Revenue increased by 54.8%
  • By the middle of the second year, the website was generating well over 30% of total booking revenue
  • By the end of the second year, booking revenue from the website had tripled

54.8% increase in
average monthly booking revenue



Summit International Marketing Effectiveness Award, 2017

Visit Florida Flagler Award, 2016 for increasing tourism to a Florida-based destination

Advertising Federation Silver "ADDY" Award, 2016 for creative excellence


about the client:

A member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts and an AAA Four-Diamond Award-winning resort, the tropical 60-acre Hawks Cay Resort is located midway down the Florida Keys at mile marker 61 on the island of Duck Key. With the completion of a $35 million renovation in 2008, the revamped resort boasts a tropical elegant décor that captures the true essence of the Florida Keys. The resort selected travel/tourism expert Diaz & Cooper as their brand and digital agency to help increase bookings and open new markets.

DCA Team

DCA Team

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