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Case Study: Solid Elegance

DCA Team on Jan 28, 2002

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Launch New Brand/Product

the challenge:

Create a brand identity of old-world craftsmanship and timeless quality to give credence to a brand-new company. The brand had to stand out, yet speak to the luxury consumer.

insight & strategy:

Elite architects and interior designers demand the highest quality materials, and are more concerned with aesthetics and reputation than with price, making them wary of a “newcomer” in the industry. A campaign of distinctive ads placed in trade publications was coupled with a direct-mail inviting local architects and contractors to request their Catalog and specs Binder. Website and collateral were designed to maintain the positioning and reinforce brand recognition.

the result:

  • Roatan hit the ground running, receiving hundreds of new sales calls within the first few months after the campaign was launched
  • In the first year sales went up almost 700% and in the second year sales went up by 470%
  • Today, Roatan advertises nationally and its products are sold through 2 national distributors

sales increase year 1

sales increase year 2


solutions used:

  • Advertising Campaign
  • Brand Positioning
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Direct Response
  • Website Strategy, Design & Development

about the client:

Roatan Mahogany Millwork, Inc. is an innovative company dedicated to exceeding client expectations. The firm manufactures custom, handcrafted windows, doors and millwork made of solid mahogany unsurpassed for quality, beauty and strength. Roatan uses the finest certified Honduras Mahogany, complies with Miami-Dade County Product Approvals, and practices responsible forestry management. Seeking brand positioning and increased sales, Roatan selected DCA as agency of record in 2001 and both firms have grown exponentially ever since.


"The ads are working as hard as a couple of salesmen. The success in winning the San Carlos Institute project is the result of an excellent marketing campaign planned and executed by Diaz & Cooper. We knew all along that we had a superior product, but very few people were aware of our company before DCA started."

Robert de Leon
President/CEO, Roatan Mahogany Millwork

DCA Team

DCA Team

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