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Case Study: New Leads Make a Leap

Sandi Abbott – Inbound Marketing Supervisor on Sep 24, 2019

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Increase sales from email campaigns

the challenge:

Our database consisted of past customers who had already enjoyed a dolphin encounter. For most folks, swimming with dolphins is a once in a lifetime experience so we were not likely to get a lot of repeat sales from our current list!

Additionally, the newsletter sign-up form was not generating enough leads to refresh the database with potential new customers.

insight & strategy:

In order to generate a continual influx of fresh prospects for our email database, we knew we needed to provide a stronger incentive for signup. The old form was not attractive and had an uninspired, standard "sign up for special offers" call-to-action.

Our objective was to attract families planning a Florida vacation, locals, and eco-tourists looking for a meaningful dolphin encounter. We knew we needed something that was not only eye-catching, but featured a strong competitive offer.


We created a popup lead form, styled with an attractive photo and offering a 10% discount for a first swim after sign-up. The popup was tested as an entry popup form and is only served to visitors who have not signed up and have not seen the form in 3 days.

In addition to the popup, we added a call to action to the blog pages, promoting the 10% discount offer. 


the result:

In one Quarter, we achieved the following results from the new lead form.

  • 1,711 new leads (contacts increased by 122% over previous quarter)
  • 370 new customers  (customers increased by 151% over previous quarter)
  • Over $5OK in bookings revenue generated with an ecomm rate of 7.44%

122% Increase in Leads in First Quarter

about the client:

Dolphins Plus, located in Key Largo is a natural ocean lagoon facility that helps tourists interested in swimming with dolphins to find an enriching environment for interactions, so they can have a fun, safe and unforgettable dolphin encounter. Dolphins Plus is accredited by the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums and the International Marine Animal Trainers Association.

Sandi Abbott – Inbound Marketing Supervisor

Sandi Abbott – Inbound Marketing Supervisor

From optimizing lead acquisition to increasing margins and frequency of purchase, there’s nothing Sandi can’t achieve for our clients. With over 25 years of experience – including leading the marketing team for Hertz – she’s a respected voice in the field with industry certifications from Hubspot, Constant Contact and Digital Marketer. Outside the office, Sandi is happiest reading Austen or Dickens on the beach, but she’s proud to say she’s crossed tea in London and swimming with dolphins in Key Largo off her bucket list — next, she’s off to explore Big Sur and go whale-watching.

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