Diaz & Cooper Named in Top 25 Advertising Agencies in South Florida

DCA Team on Jun 4, 2012

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Miami, FL - June 4, 2012 - South Florida Business Journal, considered one of the leading newspapers in Florida, has named Diaz & Cooper as one of the Top 25 Advertising Agencies in South Florida. This honor comes on the heels of DCA being named Top 50 Women-Led Business in South Florida by the Commonwealth Institute of South Florida and the JAE Leadership Institute at the University of Miami.

“Hit Top 50, now Top 25…time for Top 10,” says DCA co-founder and Vice President Todd Cooper. “This is really a great accomplishment for our team and we’re very proud to have earned a spot in the Top 25.”

The South Florida Business Journal, recognized by the Florida Press Association as the best weekly newspaper of its size, focuses on general business news, major local and global events, and Florida cultural life. The 2011 Top 25 was ranked based on 2010 gross billings and includes agencies that run the gamut in clientele from local to national brands.

DCA, founded over a decade ago, has been steadily climbing to the forefront of the advertising world and promises to keep the trend of excellence going.

“We’re really looking to grow our business by providing our Clients with personalized attention and solutions that are both compelling and innovative,” says DCA co-founder and President Otmara “Omi” Diaz-Cooper. “We want to set the market ablaze, not just compete within it. It’s why we work as hard as we do. We want to help our Clients grow and reinforce their standing as an authority in their industry. That’s what our campaigns are geared for. We focus on what matters, nothing else.”

DCA Team

DCA Team

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