Team DCA “Geeks Out” at An Event Apart in Atlanta

DCA Team on Sep 15, 2011

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DCA Design and Development team stays on the forefront of web technology.

Miami, FL - September 15, 2011 - Learning new and innovative ways to better our craft is all part of cultivating the creative process. So, when we heard that An Event Apart: For People Who Make Websites was going to be in Atlanta, we knew we had to be there. DCA developer Thomas Nagl, designers Jorge Uribe and Ryan Dalisay and project manager Alfred Smith attended the two-day seminar where they geeked on the latest CSS features and programming languages, including animation through CSS and the new HTML5.
“It was a really insightful and inspiring program in the way it introduced the latest web design trends and best practices to help produce a more ideal user experience,” says Ryan. “Each presentation offered in-depth examples and new ways to implement various techniques for us to create some really unique interfaces.”

Consisting of 12 presentations, the topics ran the gamut from crafting the user experience, typography and animation to using flexible boxes and ways a company can “cultivate a culture of making amazing things”. Jeff Veen, CEO of Typekit, discussed how his company braced for industry changes and the steps they took to ensure that they stayed at the top of their game.



Author Andy Clarke, Hardboiled Web Design, discussed the current and ever evolving trends of animation on the web. During his presentation, Clarke highlighted the increasing support for CSS3 Animations and how this is a viable animation method for the very near future.

Eric Meyer, author of CSS: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition, showed our team the workings of Flexible Boxes (also known as Flexboxes) and some of its surprising and robust features. Meyer illustrated some interesting reasons Flexboxes are an important part of our design toolbox, along with how to implement Flexboxes without leaving older browsers in the dust.

An Event Apart proved to be an interesting and educational experience, but what’s a trip without a little exploring, huh? Check out the video below as DCA makes their way around Atlanta visiting the Coca-Cola factory and even doing a little break dancing in the CNN building.

DCA Team

DCA Team

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