Diaz & Cooper Facilitates $50 Million Client Growth in 1st Year

DCA Team on Mar 8, 2011

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Miami, FL - March 8, 2011 - Diaz & Cooper’s client Investor Solutions achieved an exciting benchmark with the end of 2010 as the investment management firm’s portfolio of managed assets eclipsed the $500 million mark. This achievement marked the end of a successful first year together for DCA and IS, as this represented a growth of over $50 million in assets for the Miami-based investment firm. Founder and CEO Frank Armstrong was pleased noting, “it’s a significant milestone that gives us credibility as an institution.”

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Client growth is at the core of what Diaz & Cooper aims to achieve, and they consistently hold that customer success is their greatest success. Said Diaz & Cooper President Otmara Diaz-Cooper, “We strongly believe that what matters most in our business is client growth, so to see such dramatic growth in just one year is very fulfilling for us.”

With client assets totaling just short of $450 million when Investor Solutions hired Diaz & Cooper, the client tasked DCA with growing the profile by 10%. To sweeten the deal, Armstrong, an avid yachtsman, even offered to take the DCA team on a diving trip if this goal was met. After exceeding the goal by $5 million, Diaz-Cooper joked about the trip “We’re stocked up on sunscreen so we’re ready when Frank is.”

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Diaz & Cooper provided valuable support to Investor Solutions through various marketing measures, including website maintenance and optimization, public relations management and overall branding. These efforts played a vital role in helping Investor Solutions maintain customer loyalty in spite of the economic downturn and generate business growth through an increase in individual accounts.


About Diaz & Cooper

Founded in April of 2001, Diaz & Cooper is a full-service, Miami-based agency which helps clients meet their growth goals. At Diaz & Cooper, only what matters, matters, and nothing matters more than helping clients grow their business. By providing innovative creative solutions, dedicated account management and hands-on solutions to national and international brands, Diaz & Cooper aims to help each client exceed their growth expectations. For more information, visit

About Investor Solutions

Investor Solutions, Inc. is an independent, fee-only fiduciary investment management firm located in Coconut Grove. The firm provides innovative investment solutions to help individuals plan for a comfortable retirement. Investor Solutions is a pioneer in the application of modern financial theory, passive-only investment strategies and the use of technology to lower investment costs. For more information, contact 800-508-8500 to speak to a qualified investment advisor or visit

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