DCA helps Roatan win Historical Preservation Bid

DCA Team on Jul 23, 2001

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Roatan to restore famous historical landmark

Miami, FL - July 23, 2001 - The San Carlos Institute, a historical landmark of Key West, has awarded Roatan, a South Florida manufacturer of custom-made solid mahogany wood doors, windows and millwork, the prestigious project of restoring its famous building. The Institute was founded in 1871 by Cuban exiles that came to Key West to organize the campaign for Cuba's independence from Spain.

We feel honored that the San Carlos Institute has placed its trust in Roatan,” said Robert de León, President of Roatan. As a virtually unknown, emerging company, Roatan sought out the expertise of Diaz & Cooper (DCA) to launch a major marketing campaign. DCA designed a campaign to not only win the San Carlos project but to earn recognition for the company's abilities as an elite manufacturer.


The success in winning the San Carlos Institute project is the result of an excellent marketing campaign planned and executed by Diaz & Cooper,” said León. “We knew all along that we had a superior product, but very few people were aware of our company before DCA started.” The basic idea DCA created was a Roatan brand identity that spoke of old-world craftsmanship and timeless quality. This gave genuine credence to Roatan's bid for the San Carlos project. DCA efforts helped Roatan stand out from the crowd, uniquely addressing the special needs of luxury, connoisseur and artistic consumers.

Roatan’s products and services adhere to the strict guidelines set by the San Carlos Institute to maintain the original historical identity, look, and character of the site. This was very important to the Institute. Their guidelines specify that materials be of the highest code compliant quality and be historically accurate as well. According to León, “DCA was the key to communicating Roatan's expertise to San Carlos, and to the rest of the select high-end world."

DCA Team

DCA Team

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