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Omi Diaz-Cooper – CEO, Speaker on Jul 26, 2023

Navigating Sales-Marketing Alignment: Tackling Top 5 Challenges Head-On

How to Overcome Top Sales and Marketing Alignment Challenges Now

B2B marketing and sales alignment—it's on the tip of everyone's tongue for a reason. Without it, all of the top marketing trends today don't exist. You can't shift from lead gen to demand gen. You'll never move to Rev Ops from siloed ops or selling to a committee vs. an individual with account-based marketing (ABM).

Omi Diaz-Cooper – CEO, Speaker on Jun 21, 2023

How a Flight to Miami Shaped a Passion for Serving the Aviation Industry

All it took was one childhood flight...

Growing up in Puerto Rico, I always had a love for travel, and for airplanes in particular. My favorite Disney ride as a child was “If You Had Wings” – yep I’m dating myself here. However, it wasn't until I was eight years old that I had my first experience with actual air travel, and it changed my life forever.

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