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Increase repeat purchases and reduce cart abandonment


the challenge

Although the new Safari website was receiving a consistent and significant volume of traffic, a large percent of visitors were not completing a purchase. While this is typical of an eCommerce website, the goal was to reduce the abandonment rate to be closer to industry benchmarks.


insight & strategy

Our conversion rate optimization strategy started with enhancing the shopping experience in this Shopify site. By analyzing visitor data, heat maps as well as shopping behavior data from Google analytics, we identified friction points in the shopping funnel and made adjustments to the pages to create a smoother and more compelling checkout experience.

Improvements including making mobile checkout faster, moving CTA buttons to more prominent positions and increasing visibility of trust factors like the company's 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Based on the insights gathered from user data, we also developed a comprehensive action plan aimed at driving customer re-engagement. The strategy included sending customized follow-up emails to customers who had abandoned the shopping cart, enticing them to return to the site and complete their purchase.

An important part of our strategy included increasing their email database, offering visitors not yet ready to buy a compelling reason to leave their email. And to round out the Customer Value Journey, we also included an email tactic to re-engage past customers with a loyalty rewards program.

We also created new "Welcome" and segmentation email series, automated with workflows to engage new users and ensure that subscribers receive content and offers targeted to their specific interests.

The entire action plan was completed within 3 months, and the combined tactics worked together to create some impressive results over a six-month period. The metrics included a 2x increase in the conversion rate, almost a quarter million dollars in influenced revenue (a 10x YOY increase in gross sales) from the email campaigns and decreased abandonment rate by 76%.


The result

10xincrease in gross sales

  • Increased visitor conversion rate from less than 4% to 8%
  • Increased repeat visits by 18%
  • Decreased cart abandonment by 76%
  • Increased overall online sales tenfold (almost a quarter million dollars in influenced revenue over the six-month period)

About the client

Safari Ltd is a manufacturer of high-quality figurines and educational toys. Their award-winning “Toys that Teach” are sold in museums, aquariums, and online.

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