who we are

what we do and don't do matters

“Full-service ad agency.” What the heck does that even mean anymore? In today’s instant-communication, message-saturated, endlessly expanding media environment, offering everything means excelling at nothing.

That’s not for us, and it’s probably not for you.

Instead, we choose to focus on innovative, data-driven strategies – applying the principles of “traditional” advertising to next-generation web development and integrated content marketing.

But we’re not just about technology. We’re about understanding, seeing potential, and finding opportunities where no one else does. We’re about friendly and responsive Client service based on open, straightforward relationships. 

This is why companies like Royal Caribbean, TransUnion, Davis Vision, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Viva Travel, Amerijet, Hawks Cay Resort and Sony Latin America are among those we’re proud to call Clients.

More than anything, Diaz & Cooper is about being accountable. We’re about achieving measurable business results. Nothing else matters.

what we are committed to

  • Increasing leads, sales and profits
  • Defining and expanding target markets
  • Positioning brands effectively against the competition

who we are committed to

  • Companies seeking a long-term marketing partner
  • Enterprises with a strong vision and concrete goals
  • Companies that strive for and expect excellence

video marketing specialists

The “play” button has become the most compelling call-to-action on the web! Here are some pretty crazy facts. Adding video to a website makes it 53x more likely to land on the front page of a Google search. Emails with video boast 3x the click through rates as those without. Consumers who buy after watching a video spend an average of 119% more than those who don’t. Video resonates with consumers more than other vehicle, making it an ROI dream come true. It doesn’t have to be a big-budget blockbuster. But it does have to be well produced, smart, targeted, with a measurable call to action. Let us show you how to turn video into an asset for your brand, your sales force, and your bottom line.

agency background

Founded in 2001 by a team of seasoned professionals, it wasn’t long before Diaz & Cooper grew from a creative boutique into one of Miami’s most respected integrated marketing firms. DCA prides itself on big ideas without big-agency layers. Ideas built upon a deep marketing insight combined with an unmatched understanding of new technologies, emerging media and social outlets. Whether it's an optimized site, embedded video, email program or digital media, DCA transforms marketing and into an engine for growth. We have been honored with awards including several Travel Weekly Magellans, a platinum Summit International Marketing Effectiveness Award and being named Top 25 Advertising Agencies in South Florida from 2011 to 2014. Our greatest achievements continue to be the ROI numbers we bring our clients and the lasting relationships forged along the way.

business excellence awards