HubSpot Academy
Sales Skills Bootcamp

A 6-week workshop hosted
by Diaz & Cooper

As a HubSpot customer, we invite you to attend our free Sales Skill Bootcamp

  • Are you tired of competing on price and looking for a more effective way to close deals?
  • Do you feel like you could be selling more efficiently?
  • Do you want to enhance your discovery call to better understand prospect needs?
  • Would you like a playbook that outlines how to effectively dig into a prospect’s pain points and quantify the value of your solutions?

Reviews from our Recent Graduates

Something you should never stop doing is... . . LEARNING! Yes, learning! Always find people smarting than you and ask and ask and ask!! Sometimes there's free trainings like HubSpot Academy bootcamps that are GOLD! I just finished up an action packed 6-week sales BootCamp and I loved it! The wealth of knowledge from Omi Diaz-Cooper (LION) and Ranya Barakat (she/her) was AMAZING! But waits there more!! Dan Tyre was also there guiding and helping all us #LOINs learn even more about the best ways to approach sales and closing deals! 💥💥 The breakout session and all the slide decks were AWESOME! No matter if you are new to sales or have been selling for 10+ years! You'll learn something that's for sure!

Justin D. Givens

These trainers are fantastic. Yes, also the content is great and they know it incredibly well - but they also brought a ton of enthusiasm that made each session super fun.

Lauren Alweis

È già passata una settimana, quasi, da quando ho ottenuto l'attestato di Lion grazie al percorso della HubSpot Academy sul Bootcamp avente ad oggetto le vendite. Bellissima esperienza ed interazione con colleghi a livello internazionale. Ora i nostri clienti potranno beneficiare di nuove skills...

Massimiliano Montebelli

I’ve just completed my Hubspot Sales Skills Course and what an awesome experience it was. I have managed to acquire newfound skills in sales which are going to better my sales approach.

Thanks to my lecturers for the insightful experience. #sales #hubspotacademy

Ndabezinhle Sibanda

I've just completed my hubspot sales skill course and wow it was explosive. I have now acquired a new skill in Sales. Understanding the prospect. It's not about me but the needs of the client. Filling in Gaps.... 🥳🥳🥳 Thank you to my lectures. I have learnt alot

LeeAnn Govender

Thanks, #hubspotacademy for the 6 weeks of Sales Skills Bootcamp. There is never enough learning to do when it comes to sales and marketing and Omi Diaz-Cooper (LION), Ranya Barakat (she/her) and Dan Tyre did amazing. Now time to go find the gap!

Shanna Gerads

ROAR!!! 🦁🦁🦁 This week I completed the HubSpot Academy Sales Skills Boot Camp and continued my journey of gaining knowledge from the best and brightest! Huge thank you to instructors Omi Diaz-Cooper (LION) and Ranya Barakat (she/her) and TA Dan Tyre for sharing their expert knowledge with us and transforming our cohort from little cubs to full-grown, gloriously-maned lions. The last 6 weeks have been jam-packed with information and tactics that will help me bring more value to not only protocol 80, Inc., but also to our prospective clients. If you're a HubSpot partner OR end user, I would highly recommend taking one of these boot camps, they're awesome.

Alec Peinkofer

HubSpot Partners and Customers -- have you been looking for ways to learn how to build a more reliable sales pipeline? What about just learning how to improve your selling skills across the Exploratory/Discovery stage? How about your video skills across marketing/sales/service? HubSpot Academy (and Dan Tyre) are kicking off the next set of Academy Bootcamps for July. Choose one of three bootcamps and learn new skills, while getting hands on practice with a group of likeminded learners who are all doing it together. Check the bootcamps out and see if you or someone from your team would be a good fit. Link in comments

Justin Graci

Meet Your Instructors

Omi and Ranya are HubSpot Certified Trainers, as well as experienced HubSpot Solutions Partners.

Omi Diaz- Cooper

Omi is a marketing fireball who burns with perpetual energy (fueled by Cuban ‘cafecito’) and an impressive skill set. Her expertise ranges from anthropology to several languages. In 2000, Omi co-founded Diaz & Cooper Advertising with her husband, Todd Cooper. The agency is a six-time Top 25 South Florida Advertising Agency and a Gold-Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner. Their success is, in big part, due to Omi’s ability to see cultural and social issues and how they relate to communications. She’s used her abilities to shape strategies for clients like Silver Airways, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Sony Latin America, Davis Vision, Hawks Cay Resort, Dolphins Plus, and TransUnion. Whether it’s speaking at industry conferences or serving on a panel for Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, Omi always brings her dynamic attitude to the podium.

Ranya Barakat

Ranya is passionate about what she does and consistently challenges herself to learn new things. She feels that if you are passionate about what you do, and make a true effort, you will grow. In her role as Chief Revenue Officer at IDS agency, she aspires to be honest with prospects and clients, actively listen, and always ask ‘why.’ With a background in anthropology, she thrives when helping people while establishing close connections. Her professional values are adaptability, humility, and problem-solving.In her role at IDS, Ranya has had many achievements: Hubspot Diamond Tier, HubSpot Certified Trainer (since 2018), Member of the Hubspot Partner Advisory board (since 2016), Santiago Hubspot User Group Leader (since 2016), Winner of Hubspot Grow Better Sales Impact Award (2020 ), Winner of Hubspot Partner of Year Latam (2018 & 2019), Winner of Hubspot Customer First Latam (2019), Winner of Hubspot Website Design Impact Award (2019), Winner of Hubspot Inbound Growth Story Impact Award (2017 & 2018).
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