Diaz & Cooper Proud to Accept HMR Education Advertising Award

DCA Team on Jun 9, 2010

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DCA wins Education Advertising Award for Barry University

Miami, FL - June 9, 2010 - Local agency, Diaz & Cooper recently received Healthcare Marketing Report’s Education Advertising Merit Award for design, copywriting, and production of the 2010 Barry University Viewbook.

Presented with the challenge of creating a distinctive brand for Barry University and spiking student interest, DCA set out to fuse the academic benefits of Barry with the advantages of living in its home city, Miami. Essentially, the physical and cultural attractions of South Florida were paralleled with qualities of the school. Artistically, the Viewbook highlighted the beauty of the campus and the opportunities of different students while written word tied these attributes back to South Florida.

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“Our goal here was to create a piece that was both Barry and South Florida that would appeal to students from all over the country. We wanted to instill confidence that Barry was the right university for them, not only because of its location, but because of Barry’s ability to provide a wide range of academic programs based in a diverse cultural center that allows for learning beyond the classroom,” says President, Omi Diaz.

The result was a stunning Viewbook promoting Barry’s diversity, opportunity, faith, history, and knowledge in a way that relates to the individual applicant both visually and literally. This was accomplished while constantly reminding the viewer of the appeal of the location and programs. Specifically, Barry offers over 100 specializations, career counseling, and a promise to help find and achieve the answer to the age-old question, “what do you want to do when you grow up?”

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This year marked the twenty-fifth annual Educational Advertising Awards, sponsored by Higher Education Marketing Report of HMR Publications. This is the largest educational advertising awards competition in the country to date.

Originally unrecognized, the academic admissions realm of marketing has recently blossomed into a sophisticated advertising genre. While helping students in making their own educational decisions, it also aids the institutions in vying for their preference in enrollment.

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About Barry University

Barry University is a Catholic institution of higher education founded in 1940 by the Adrian Dominican Sisters. Grounded in the liberal arts tradition, Barry University is a scholarly community committed to the highest academic standards in undergraduate, graduate and professional education.


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